About Chaos Magik

Hello! We are Chaos Magik Homestead, and we are enchanted by living a simple and frugal life while pursuing independence, health and happiness… all on ¾ of an acre! Here’s a bit of the pixie dust that brought us here:

…It all started with a homeschool science project which included a borrowed incubator, eighteen eggs, a book, a half dozen pallets and a ¼ acre lot in the deep-south, Gulf Coast Region of Mississippi!  Together, my 3 homeschooled children and I incubated our first eggs, hatched our firstclutch of barnyard-mix chicks, and built our first chicken coop out of pallets. And that’s it; we were hooked!


As I began researching the most budget-friendly ways to raise a healthy and happy flock, I found myself diving deeper and deeper into the mystical world of homesteading.  Once the chickens were established, we quickly realized we needed a place to dispose of the poo, which led to the construction of our first pallet-compost-bin! But, once the compost was established, it needed a use! Thus, our first square-foot garden beds emerged!


With the establishment of chickens, compost and a thriving garden… all in the first year mind you… we fell deeper into the magic hat of homesteading tricks!  And, the bunnies popped up!  I mean, it’s great to have compost to add to the soil, but sometimes you need a bit of extra fertilizer and, well, rabbit poo is the perfect resource!  It’s also great that bunnies can eat right from the garden!


As our second year emerged, so did new pallet construction projects, hordes of reclaimed wood, another ½ acre of land, and bigger dreams!  With the help of my extra-handy husband, the pallet dairy barn was erected and our first herd of goats were brought home as adorable bottle babies!  The plan? To make goats milk bath and body products as well as cheeses… which led us to the next adventure… herbs and honey!


So, now you see, we started with a whole lot of Chaos, and from it, we found Magik in the form of a ¾ acre suburban homestead!  On this site, we hope to share some of our magik with you as you experience some of the highs and lows of our adventures in raising livestock, growing produce and constructing all things ‘homestead’.


Thanks for visiting, and feel free to get in touch if you have questions or insights about any or all of our topics.  We never get tired of learning about homestead living, or hearing about others adventures in frugal, self-sufficient living!

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